Hikmat Remembers WW1

To mark one hundred years since World War One Hikmat has been running a Heritage Lottery Funded Project to shine a light on the involvement and sacrifices of Chinese, Indian, African and Asian communities on the Western Front. Hikmat service users across Devon have had the opportunity to learn about the Great War, engage in workshops, sub groups, trips and explore and share forgotten stories of diverse community’s involvement in World War One. We have been working with various partners including, Meridian Raw (Photovoice Sessions), Exeter Ramm, Devon Heritage Centre, the Armchair Exchange (Oral History), Devon port Heritage Centre, Living Memories and Dr Kent Fedorowich, Reader in British Imperial History at the University of West England.

Together Hikmat has helped members of its diverse community explore and share untold World War One stories. The project will culminate with a public exhibition across Devon exploring our shared history and helping to commemorate all those who made a sacrifice during WW1. This will commence after a launch early next year, 2017.

Find out some interesting updates on our blog: http://www.hikmatremembers.com/blog

See our website for more info about the Project: http://www.hikmatremembers.com/

Did you know that over 70,000 men traveled from China to Europe as part of the Chinese Labour Corps and worked on the Western Front. They worked with the British and French armies digging trenches, servicing tanks, clearing mine fields and removing barbed wire. The graves of eight of these men can be visited in Efford, Plymouth.

Did you know that 140,000 Indian soldiers saw active service on the Western Front in France and Belgium – 90,000 in the front-line Indian Corps, and some 50,000 in auxiliary battalions?